Saturday, December 3, 2011

More Information about Special Eduction

Special Olympics

I really enjoy working with children with disabilities. Special Olympics is a good way to keep the children active and have positive out come. check out this website and see how you can help!

Why I want to be a teacher

I want to become a teacher. I think it is such a rewarding career. I do not want to be just any teacher; I want to be a special education teacher. I want work with young children that have disabilities. I love to work with children. Children and children with special needs bring me so much joy.
Being a teacher for me is a rewarding career for me. I teach two and three year olds on Sunday at church. Teachers have a job to teach our children. Our children are our future. They will be the one that will take care us in the future, as I get older. They will be the doctors, lawyers, policemen, nurses and many other things. Being a teacher I watch the children grow and help them learn what they need to know. I want to teach them to be better people in the world.
Children with special needs require more attention. They also need extra help to do simple task like talking, walking, eating and going to the bathroom. Children with special needs take a lot of energy and time. It also takes a lot of patience to take care of them and being able to teach them. They rely on their parent and their teacher to take care of them and help them out.
Children and children with special needs bring so much joy to my heart. Watching them have fun at school is great. I want to make school fun for kids. If they are having fun and learning at the same time that means I am doing my job as a teacher.
I think all children are special. Children with disabilities’ are just as wonderful and special as those children without disabilities’. I want to be a teacher. I really want to be a teacher in the special education department. Being a teacher is such a rewarding career that I am looking forward to. I am excited about the change in career I have made in my life.